Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warm -Ups? and Ladies Game

When are we getting these warm-ups? Is Skywalker playing us for his father? I had to comment on the new soccer warm-ups, which as of now are nasty but only half the job is done.... Luke, can you complete the task?

I am also here to talk about the Ladays Soccer game which was a whomping against Watertown. I was hoping the ref would call for the mercy rule at one point because i could feel their pain running through the most minor of capillaries in my system. The passing and synchronization of the BHS girls team was as inspiring as the Story of The Golden Boy (Christopher Rolli [warrior of Conceison and proud member of the squad]), who left a life behind him to voyage on to new and wonderful experiences and opportunities in the land of Burlington. Great Game ladies.

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