Monday, October 25, 2010

Today's Education

I recently watched an interesting video in my 2.0 class speaking about modern education. The main idea is that our style of learning was formed years ago and is essentially outdated. It does not incorporate modern technologies of the world and therefore creates an unbalanced mixture between school work, social life, media, and every other topic in the world. The people who run the education have been apart of this system and have simply just relayed the "product-line" learning techniques to the youth. They have been in this process so long that any escape to a new and more effective system seems virtually impossible. I personally believe there is an overwhelming amount of things thrown at me in one day. Whether this be chemistry, math, history, gossip, technology, media,sports, biology... the list is endless and everyone is just trying to jam it in to a stomach that has no time to digest. It influences a learning experience that isn't as effective as i feel it could be... but hey at least i have my freedom of speech.


  1. I feel like you are right dan. it is like they are just teaching the same over and over to the students. like they learn new things from the teacher work shops they are going to but they dont teach the things they do in he work shop.

  2. good point mike, i did not think of it that way. i just feel like it is hard to balance the use of modern technology with everything else that is going on. I have found some classes showing improvement though.