Friday, October 29, 2010


I just took a survey on It was very interesting in the questions asked and i would have liked to see the common answers of the people who took it. Many of the questions seemed to find the influence of the beliefs people have. Kinda cool and maybe i will make a survey soon on the blog.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Makes the Song 5 times more appealing

Acoustic Week?

Im Gonna Post An Acoustic Video Everyday This Week Stay-Tuned.... Twizzle Tunes

Today's Education

I recently watched an interesting video in my 2.0 class speaking about modern education. The main idea is that our style of learning was formed years ago and is essentially outdated. It does not incorporate modern technologies of the world and therefore creates an unbalanced mixture between school work, social life, media, and every other topic in the world. The people who run the education have been apart of this system and have simply just relayed the "product-line" learning techniques to the youth. They have been in this process so long that any escape to a new and more effective system seems virtually impossible. I personally believe there is an overwhelming amount of things thrown at me in one day. Whether this be chemistry, math, history, gossip, technology, media,sports, biology... the list is endless and everyone is just trying to jam it in to a stomach that has no time to digest. It influences a learning experience that isn't as effective as i feel it could be... but hey at least i have my freedom of speech.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

It Just Hits You

It's a build-up of emotion that overpowers you. This song puts me through a sensation quite like no other. Exactly what i thought of when i first envisioned my blog. Pure Beauty...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Social Networking has some scares. The thought of random people "creeping" on your personal life is a threatening thought. Many people do not take this into account when the post status updates and personal pictures on social networking sites. Many parents are concerned for the child's well-being on these sites. BUt i feel you enter these sites at your own risk. If parents are concerned they should have their children fix it, do not have the site completely alter the way it works because your a little over protective. Twizzlies don't know whats gotten into y'all?


Recently BHS's Web 2.0 class was mentioned in an article about classroom's developing this generation's modern technology. We were one of three school's mentioned, and hands down the best. Reading the article, you might learn what the class is about so if your are interested sign up for the course. I am a slightly bitter but nonetheless happy my co-blogger/ web 2.0 rival was mentioned in the article. Congratulations Michelle, your blog is finally in the visual of my rearview mirror =P. Twizzlies thoughts and reviews, holla!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Starting The Trend

For any of you that are interested in blogging, here is my advice:

1. Give a little humor, i would say a solid 95% of people in the world like a good laugh.
2. Create an interesting name and an attractive page
3.Promote your blog on facebook or twitter... No one uses myspace anymore...
4. Continuously blog!!!! = no one cares about three blog posts. You won't be getting any "ad" offers doing that.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 4-4-2

I vow this will be the last time i submit a post that reports a loss by the Red Devils.... Today los Diablos played Melrose on their lands. The battle was strong but in the end, the Devils were weakened by a giant-toddler, #14. Today I did notice superb managing and thought it should be recognized. Ben Kalibala, we love you. From Twizzles heart to yours.

BHS Varsity Soccer 4-3-2 ( a little late)

BHS is getting back their footing. After losing that last game to a score i don't want to mention, the Devils played Lexington in a loss, 3-1. I firmly believe it was because we were all upset about the absence of our warm-ups and although that is a valid excuse, we should not have such materialistic views on our team. All we seem to want is "the money and the cars." Despite our chase to count the paper, we managed to sneak a goal in last game with our team ninja, Ariya Mannermana. He moves so swiftly with his yellow cleats, his legs look like a blur of the sun. Twizzlies like a good JUDO-CHOP! at the end of a game, now keep blogging!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warm -Ups? and Ladies Game

When are we getting these warm-ups? Is Skywalker playing us for his father? I had to comment on the new soccer warm-ups, which as of now are nasty but only half the job is done.... Luke, can you complete the task?

I am also here to talk about the Ladays Soccer game which was a whomping against Watertown. I was hoping the ref would call for the mercy rule at one point because i could feel their pain running through the most minor of capillaries in my system. The passing and synchronization of the BHS girls team was as inspiring as the Story of The Golden Boy (Christopher Rolli [warrior of Conceison and proud member of the squad]), who left a life behind him to voyage on to new and wonderful experiences and opportunities in the land of Burlington. Great Game ladies.

Monday, October 4, 2010

R Kelly

This song has a good flow to it and was inevitably going to be on my blog. It's the type of song that comes on in the shuffle with your friends and no one objects to it. It is a guranteed success and for that... I thank you R Kelly. There's a Twizzles Tune for ya.

It's Been Nagging At Me, I Had To

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 4-2-2

We lost 8-0 to Winchester. That's it. Twizzles couldn't make this funny if he tried.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Favorite Song

Gym Class

Twizzles gets tired. I love physical excersize and doing tasks that have a goal involving physical exertion but enough is enough. I honestly believe that if a student plays a sport in a season, gym class should be OPTIONAL. I run around all day after school, i don't need to toss a frisbee around for twenty minutes and have to finish hours of homework later on in the night. I get enough excercize at my sport and am crunched for time after school, and thoroughly believe that time spent playing capture the flag could be beneficial for my schoolwork. Just a Twizzlies Thought, let it sink in.

Response PLN

This article talks about a PLN. My view of a personal learning network involves reaching out to a variety of different groups of people. My network incorporates facebook and e-mail and contacting people about multiple topics including student council and school.