Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BHS Varsit Hockey 1-0-1

Los Diablos, recently ranked 8th in the state in the Boston Globe, beat Melrose 7-1 on Saturday, December 18th. It was a successful game for the Devils, who needed to get their first win under their belt. The devils were able to prove that they had a solid defense, an issue that lingered preseason. Trevor Cimino, the second line center, had a total of five points- two goals, three assists. Let's just say he was having a "Stat Night." Hopefully the Devils can keep it up. Theres an update from d-tweezy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Put It On The Line...

BHS Varsity Hockey 0-0-1

First game has taken place... it was a battle. The game took place in Billerica with a bumpin crowd. The adrenaline was in the air, especially when a fan favorite, Adam Crowley, delivered the "hit heard round the world." The game was back and forth between the Devils and those green guys with feathers. After a couple of periods, and goals by 4-Roll, Hoody, and Trella Man, the score was tied three to three and ended in a draw. Great opener. Twizzlies Targeting has begun...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cool Acoustic Tune

Strangely this lead singer reminds me of myself? Looks and all, weird..

A New Season, A New Sport

With Soccer underway, 'tis the Hockey Season. I will begin bloggin about the Burlington Varsity Hockey Squad as soon as he games begin. As of the scrimmages, so far so good. But until the first game, judgements are useless. Another report about another Twizzlies Team.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Save The Tigers

I found an organization supporting Tiger populations. I did not choose this site strictly because of my passion for tiger but because of the whole idea that in a changing world such a powerful creature can be diminshed. It's a real wake up call when an animal that is clearly stronger and faster than any human can be "losing the battle" of life. I find it astonishing that only 3,200 tigers are remaining in the world! The saddest part is, these animals are not the only species dying out. We need to preserve these animals and our environment because EVERYTHING is interdependent, and if one thing is off, then everything is changed.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Bill Gates vs.who?

So I have had a pretty busy week cause of hockey tryouts and two term papers at the same time as well as an AP course work load, but here is my response to an interesting article i read on education reform. Recently Diane Ravitch has questioned Bill Gates and his attempt to help modify school systems. She states that he has been supporting the wrong group of people. He is backing a group of people that judge teachers based strictly on test scores and nothing else and she is claiming he should change his ways of support. What do you thin? Can a billionaire make this big of a mistake? Or is this lady just tapped?

The Article http://voices.washingtonpost.com/answer-sheet/diane-ravitch/ravitch-answers-gates.html

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yudu is a very useful site for finding articles, books, magazines, etc. It is free to create an account. It has an online library of all these thhings and can be useful in many ways. Whether you need a source for a paper you are writing or if you just want to do some casual reading, Yudu can provide you with what you need. I recently did some light reading on horses and homes in "Equine Canine and Country Life," but if that stuff doesn't float your boat feel free to read around. Twizzles is outta here