Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A little clip from debatably my favorite movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

BHS Varsity Soccer 4-1-2

WEEOOOOOOW! It's a hurricane up in here! BHS recently played Wakefield in a battle at sea. Weather conditions were so brutal it was almost nice out... yes, you read correctly. On another note Ronaldo Baczewski came to play, poppin in two goals with the help of Derek "Skittles" Skinner. Mad irony was going around because the weather was so bad but skittles was making soo many kids taste the rainbow. Gideon Kasiyre also contributed with an elegant tap-in provided by Lucas "Snookie" Restivo. Toward the end of the game, Wakefield came back but we crushed that rebellion like the opening day of Halo Reach. Anyway, we added one to the first stat, and Twizzlies couldn't be happier, Word to ya mutha.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie Review

I have recently seen Ben Affleck's new movie, "The Town." Let's just say Gigi or whatever that terrible movie was, is in the past. His new movie takes place in Charlestown, Mass, pretty close to home, and has everything from flowers to bank robberies. Twizzles likey.

I Apologize

I have realized that my blog has lost focus on many events that are going on in the world today, and i have been highlighting the progress of the soccer team. I will start to broaden my posts and attract those readers that don't solely appreciate the game of soccer. So here comes some new style posts...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To cheer us up, a little Darius action always helps

BHS Varsity Soccer 3-1-2

They say every dog has its day, looks like the devils had theirs against the woburn tanners. Burlington came out strong in the first half which resulted in a 0-0 outcome. 18, the diez y ocho, steady, came out straight playing fools like an irish lad on the fiddle. Unfortunately, the next half we were pummeled by a pair of yellow cleats..enough said. Twizzles doesn't wanna linger in the past, boom goes the dynamite.

(we lost 4-0)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Article Response

The idea of the facebook wall is pretty ridicululous. The article covers the concept of how it used to showboat your "wit" and even "flirt", all publicly. Rather than sending a message on facebook, completely private between two people and cause little controversy, facebookers decide to write for the world to see. Troubles can come from the wall and could hurt one's reputation but we can't resist the temptation and fall, as millions have, into this trap. Twizzles is trying to wiggle his way out of this one.

Article For 2.0

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Had To

BHS Varsity Soccer 3-0-2

I'm not a big fan of stealing, but i love taking games from people that had it served to them on a silver platter. I might be mistaken but i saw the refs accept a couple of dollahs from an outside source. These Zebras decided to make more calls then Verizon. Regardless to the terrible calls, for both teams, i was amazed at the amount of red/yellow cards given out. At one point i thought i was back in 2nd grade trading Pokemon. Despite the large dictation the referees bestowed upon our game, Burlington managed to swipe another tie a man down. Both times we have started out weak, we have resulted in a tie with extreme effort in the 2nd. With literally seconds left, a hand ball in the box (which should have been a red card, sorry Gideon)gave BHS a penalty kick. Tyler "Ronaldo" Baczewski took the kick, and came up clutch. Proud of the squad today, looks like they couldn't handle the candy crew. A little shake and bake from Twizzles and im outtie 5000.

DJM talking about a PLN

A PLN can include a variety of things. For those of you questioning what twizzles is talking about when he says PLN it refers to a PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK. This could include many sites and tools you utilize on the computer to help you enhance your learning quality and efficiencies. Many say twitter and facebook are effective, others use sites like I personally would like to create a site that could positively help students in a spefic class. One day, people will get a taste of Twizzles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Vid

I hadn't posted a video in a while and have been feeling like i have been "playin" my followers. This song is just too catchy.


Friday, September 17, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 3-0-1

Still Undeafeted, i'm feeling it. Burlington played Stoneham yesterday despite the sudden burst of rain sent down upon these warriors of the field. Burlington faced an unfortunate red card and was faced to proceed the game a man down. Unity- the key to our success last game. With one less player on the field we came together (similar to the "flying-v"), and came out with a tie. As long as that second number remains at zero, Twizzles is "A" ok. We'll bring home a "W" next game. My name D-Twizzles and i came to get it.

Response To Bully fighting video

 The use of facebook can be very effective as a learning tool but it can lead to many negative outcomes. As seen in the clip, facebook led to trouble in a school community. The response of the school and town adminstrators was to simply get off facebook. Is this the right solution to a bullying issue? Should the actions of a few affect this many? I feel the students are now being drained of a 21st century learning tool. When there is a fight in a classroom is the class banned? No. It was simply the actions of a few and has passed. Let facebook live on. Twizzles, out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 3-0-0

"Veni Vidi Vici" (I Came, I Saw, I Conquered) once said the old conquerer who went by the name of Caesar.  Well theres a new conquerer from the Aegean Sea and he's titled, Viscily. With minutes remaining in our game against Reading, this Greek warrior hammered the ball home for our army, the Red Devils, or in this case Οι κόκκινοι διάβολοι. The Devils struggled at first but turned it on in the second half and brought home the "W." Lets just say the made it look "scily."  There's another update from d-tweezy, gracias.

Monday, September 13, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 2-0-0

David vs. Goliath? Nah more like Dave Whitney vs. Melrose. Our goalkeeper, Dave played a fantastic game in between the two white poles. A close-knit game to the very end, Dave came up huge. Our goal was scored by Lucas "Snookie" Restivo, more recently reffered to as Luke Skywalker after his last performance. Overall though, Burlington had a strong performance and is ready to get some more stats and glory. Straight up! McTwizzles, Ya heard...

5 Easy Steps For Students To Establish Their Personal Brand Using Social Networking

5 Easy Steps For Students To Establish Their Personal Brand Using Social Networking

This is a very interesting article and highlights the specific reasons i was weary in entering the unknown waters of the blogging world. I am hesitant in what i write and i feel that takes away from my blog. I would love to have a completely anonymous blog therefore have the complete freedom to say what i want and not have anything held against me. But until that day i remain Twizzles (G- Rated)

Goo-Goo for Gaga?

Are you goo goo for Gaga? i mean shes got good music but she takes the artsy stuff to the next level, it honestly scares me. she has videos that portray death nearly every time and i simply just change the channel. Her music is good dont get me wrong but the whole i-need-ten-people-to-help-me-get-dressed thing is over the top. She should have just stayed on the stage at the VMAs cause she probably absorbed a solid hour of the show just trying to get back and forth. Next time just have a rhino collect her awards, it might be easier. Twizzles doesnt like her taste

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 1-0-0

My team had our first soccer game today against Watertown and won, 1-0. The goal was scored by Lucas "Snookie" Restivo. Unfortunately i am still recovering from shoulder surgery and could not play but the team played well. The goal is the state tournament and we will achieve it. Just thought i would throw at you a litte bit of twizzles for your day.


Trying to discover how to embed videos but its not going my way. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"I'm On My Way!"

My Introduction

This being my first blog makes me somewhat of a nooby. I hope to one day have my blog as entertaining as or as knowledgeable as Mr. Larkin (high school principal) but until then, i remain the red-headed, 16 year old beginner. I will soon be posting some interesting videos so stay tuned.

"Lets just say i am on my way"