Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 3-0-2

I'm not a big fan of stealing, but i love taking games from people that had it served to them on a silver platter. I might be mistaken but i saw the refs accept a couple of dollahs from an outside source. These Zebras decided to make more calls then Verizon. Regardless to the terrible calls, for both teams, i was amazed at the amount of red/yellow cards given out. At one point i thought i was back in 2nd grade trading Pokemon. Despite the large dictation the referees bestowed upon our game, Burlington managed to swipe another tie a man down. Both times we have started out weak, we have resulted in a tie with extreme effort in the 2nd. With literally seconds left, a hand ball in the box (which should have been a red card, sorry Gideon)gave BHS a penalty kick. Tyler "Ronaldo" Baczewski took the kick, and came up clutch. Proud of the squad today, looks like they couldn't handle the candy crew. A little shake and bake from Twizzles and im outtie 5000.

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