Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Parkin Procedure

Recently, my period 3 honors world history class performed a trial in determining whether or not Napolean Bonaparte was guilty in accounts of treason, destruction of cultural artifacts/religion, and international terrorism. Overall, I would say the project went well. I was the direct examiner for the Prosecution of Napolean. Let me say the courtroom was ferocious and at one point I wanted to throw punches in an outburst of anger. Key to the courtroom was all about patience and remaining calm. I could feel my emotional attachment to the case in a way I would have never imagined. I actually had my opinion of Napolean altered through my research and really wanted him found guilty. At times, I feel the courtroom was unbalanced and followed a such a standard rubric that every question was considered a "leading" question which hurt the progress in the trial.It got to the point where opposing lawyers (and even defending witnesses) would simply wait for the words "Did you-" and then BAM! in came a hard objection. Kinda ridiculous but I did like the project; alot better than glueing pictures on a posterboard and handing it in. Theres some Twizzly Thoughts, hope you can consider it.

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