Monday, November 29, 2010

10,000 Hour Rule

I recently took part in a leadership program at BHS. There was a "billion dollar" guest speaker there who goes by the name, Timothy Wolleager. Mr. Wolleager did many activities with us where brains was better than brawns. Mr. Wolleager also showed us this book called "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. It was an interesting book but one thing I found very interesting was the idea of the "10,000 hour rule." This rule said that if you put 10,000 hours of dedication and hardwork into something, then sucess is a gurantee. It gave many examples, one being billionaire, Bill Gates. It also mentioned "The Beatles" and their 10,000 hours. I like the idea of the 10,000 hour rule. You always hear teachers and parents saying "All it takes is hardwork" but when there is an actual number next to it, the reality seems to sink in. Just some more Twizzlie Thoughts..

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