Thursday, October 7, 2010

BHS Varsity Soccer 4-3-2 ( a little late)

BHS is getting back their footing. After losing that last game to a score i don't want to mention, the Devils played Lexington in a loss, 3-1. I firmly believe it was because we were all upset about the absence of our warm-ups and although that is a valid excuse, we should not have such materialistic views on our team. All we seem to want is "the money and the cars." Despite our chase to count the paper, we managed to sneak a goal in last game with our team ninja, Ariya Mannermana. He moves so swiftly with his yellow cleats, his legs look like a blur of the sun. Twizzlies like a good JUDO-CHOP! at the end of a game, now keep blogging!

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